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Document Preparation and Client Service Representative

Consummo Consulting has an immediate opening for a Document Preparation and Client Service Representative (CSR) at our office in Hendersonville, NC. We are searching for someone who is highly motivated, extremely organized, and capable of providing first-class customer service. The CSR will be responsible for assisting individual clients throughout the process of duplicating their foreign pilot license to a FAA certificate. Additionally, the CSR will work to acquire new clients.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide cost estimates to potential clients, based on their previously-accrued flight experience.

  • Collect the documents required for license duplication; submit these documents to the relevant authorities.

  • Collect the documents required for a US non-immigrant student visa; submit these documents to the relevant authorities.

  • Schedule the theoretical exams necessary to obtain a FAA pilot license/rating.

  • Provide the client with the appropriate study materials.

  • Organize flight training and check rides with approved flight schools.

  • Support clients while they are in the US: accommodation, rental cars and other organizational hurdles, such as the required TSA Security Clearance and medical flight fitness examination.

  • Maintain a high level of communication with clients for the duration of the process.

  • Acquire new clients through existing contacts and network of flight schools/pilots.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience in the logistics and nuances of global aviation licensing.

  • Excellent communication skills and ability to interact with a wide variety of people.

  • Personal integrity and ability to handle confidential data.

  • Efficient, detail-oriented, and highly organized.

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

  • Experience in customer service.

  • Able to travel within and outside the US.

  • High school diploma or equivalent.

Interpersonal Skills:

The ideal candidate should be a team player, exhibit leadership skills, show initiative, be able to make decisions on their own, have good organizational skills, have excellent attention to detail, and have the ability to manage multiple tasks well.

Job Type:  Full-time

Schedule:  Flexible and On-Call

Salary Range:  Negotiable

Please direct any questions and send your resume to:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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